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Item Code: RASPARID1300
Price:  $399.95
Was: $429.95
The RA SPRAID Railgun is one of the best Rob Allen makes.


Item Code: RASPARID1300
Price:  $399.95
Was: $429.95
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The RA SPRAID Railgun is one of the best Rob Allen makes.
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Rob Allen offer a lifetime warranty on the handle, trigger mechanism, and barrel making this an easy choice for beginner to advanced spearos.

Rob Allen 'SPARID' Railgun Features:

  • Low profile closed muzzle
  • Robust lightweight integrated rail barrel
  • Ergonomic pistol grip handle with loading butt and soft touch over grip.
  • Sear activated line release
  • Solid anchor point with swivel shark clip
  • The best quality RA blue 16mm powerband with Dyneema bridle
  • HD 400lb monofilament shooting line
  • 7mm hardened Spring steel spear with tri-cut tip, HD barb and pin
  • easy disconnect gun bungee with swivel clip
  • field friendly no tool maintenance.

Rob Allen's world wide reputation of building the most ideal tools for spearfishing and it arose from years of countless dives around South Africa and the world, testing the limits of his own equipment and what can be achieved by a speargun.

The meticulous attention to detail paid to all RA speargun and accessories is how he managed to set the standard for what to expect from a top-quality speargun and it's not suprise to learn of the countless world record fish taken on Rob Allen spearguns.

The Rob Allen Sparid Railgun is a serious workhorse and an ideal speargun for the spearo who is out there chasing a feed week in week out and need gear they can rely on.

Low profile muzzle

The Rob Allen muzzle is a perfect example of efficient effective engineering. By looking closely at the key requirements for accurate shooting, ease of reloading and ease of maintenance Rob Allen worked to reduce the overall size and weight of the gun and to minimize the amount of material around the spear to ensure easy target acquisition and reliable consistent aiming.

The ability to replace the factory powerband and or add an additional without any tools has allowed divers to fine tune their Sparid Railgun quickly to account for conditions and target species. When hunting fish in and around the rocks, simply run one 16mm powerband. If you find yourself in clear water hunting Spanish Mackerel at range, no problems, add an additional 16mm from your gear bag to quickly increase power.

Integrated rail alloy barrel

Rob Allen pioneered the use of an integrated aluminium rail barrel into his guns decades ago to help support the shaft and increase barrel strength. This allowed for a lightweight gun with much greater power while still remaining laser accurate. This barrel design continues on today using the highest aerospace grade Alloys to create a reliable lightweight and efficient barrel as the backbone of your speargun.

The Rob Allen Vecta 2 handle and mechanism

The Handle and mechanism of your speargun are vital. The wrong shape and angle will result in difficult aiming and inconsistent accuracy due to recoil. Rob Allen works endlessly on small, minute details on his Vecta series of handles to make them an easy, accurate and reliable system for hunting fish.

Ergonomic handle with soft touch over mold designed to direct and reduce recall and muzzle lift and give a comfortable secure and consistent grip with a natural and easy reach to the trigger. It’s all about maximizing energy to the spear and accuracy.

Solid anchor with swivel shark clip. A solid and reliable attachment point for your float line. When you get the shot on that fish of a life time you don’t want to worry about if your gun will come back.


The engine for your speargun. The key to a consistent and powerful speargun is the powerband. Rob Allen has spent countless hours working on the band lengths and latex composition of his signature Blue over Amber powerbands to ensure minimal energy drop over time and consistent band stretch and energy levels. This combines to give you a reliable power output and aiming point. Combined with lightweight and streamlined Dyneema bridles these bands are magic. By tuning the band length to the sweet spot for the rubber rob can perfect the band and power for each length speargun.