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Ocean-X Spearguns

Born in South Africa, Made for Australian Conditions

The new range of Ocean- Spearguns are made from aerospace aluminium with a integrated spear guide the full length of the barrel. If you're looking for a tough and accurate railgun, the Scorpion  Railgun won't let you down. 
And what's more the patented Full Stainless Steel Trigger Mechanism is made from inox-treated steel to provide high resistance, durability and silent operation. Pre-rigged with Mono shooting line and bungee.
All Ocean- X Spearguns are ready to go, just buy and dive in.
We have two models currently on offer, the SCORPION and the KINGIE some of the features on these guns include
14mm American Dunlap Power Bands with Dyneema Cord Bridle
 Interchangeable muzzle system that allows you to choose depending on taste or conditions.  Most experienced spearos opt for an open muzzle but in challenging and choppy conditions a closed muzzle can be a blessing 
Integrated Rail an integrated rail is one that is added in the moulding stage of the barrel, not attached later
Stainless Steel Mechanism
Tough 7mm diameter Super Spring Steel Double Notched Spear Shaft with Tri-Cut tip
28mm diameter Aluminium Barrel with Integrated Rail
Patented trigger mechanism made from inox-treated steel to provide high resistance and durability
with silent working
You can option up with a reel, shown but not supplied
Mono Shooting Line and Bungee with pigtail swivel
Ergonomic Grip made of 6.6 Nylon Reinforced Fibre-glass 
Available in 4 Barrel Lengths : 60cm – 72cm – 95cm – 105cm
If you require any information email us or call our Ocean - X distributor
Home Grown Brands on 61 2 9997 2288
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